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    Hola peeps! Welcome to Casa de Lewis. We are twenty somethings who got married in 2010, bought a house in 2011, and had a sweet baby girl in 2012! We both started our careers as CPAs and now Reagan works in finance and I have my own photography business. I blog about my baby girl (obviously), products we love, crafts, photography, DIY projects, sweet treats, random life tidbits, and the balance of being a mom and business owner! Our house is always a work in progress but we love working on it and making it our own. Thanks for stopping by!

Messy Hair and Red Shiny Shoes

The weather here has been loco, but this was a particularly gorgeous afternoon. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…love this little nugget!

san antonio mom blogs photography toddlers a day at the parksan antonio mom blogs photography toddlers a day at the parksan antonio mom blogs photography toddlers a day at the parksan antonio mom blogs photography toddlers a day at the parksan antonio mom blogs photography toddlers a day at the parksan antonio mom blogs photography toddlers a day at the parksan antonio mom blogs photography toddlers a day at the parksan antonio mom blogs photography toddlers a day at the parksan antonio mom blogs photography toddlers a day at the park

san antonio mom blogs photography toddlers a day at the park


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February 10, 2014 - 3:59 pm

Emily - Girl I wished we lived closer so I could have you as my photographer! Lovely photos of your cute family.

February 11, 2014 - 6:04 pm

Urban Wife - So adorable! Yes, I agree…this Texas weather is fickle!

February 11, 2014 - 10:11 pm

Christina - These pictures are just beautiful!!! She looks like she is full of personality…love it!!

Paige’s First Snow!

It snowed!!! Well, “snowed”. So we took Paige out to snap a quick picture….pajamas, bed head, and her little green coat  :)

snow in texas baby

Funny, tiny snow balls!

snow in texas baby

snow in texas baby

snow in texas baby

February 6, 2014 - 10:10 am

Sara Phillips - SO FUN!

February 6, 2014 - 11:27 am

Emily - OMG! So dang adorable. I cant believe how big Ms.P is getting.

February 6, 2014 - 12:12 pm

Urban Wife - Seriously, she is the cutest!

p.s. Where do you find footed PJ’s? I can’t seem to find any past the 9 month size.

February 6, 2014 - 12:23 pm

Sada - Urban Wife – We’ve gotten ours recently at Costco and my mother-in-law got her some at JCPennys…

February 6, 2014 - 4:33 pm

Urban Wife - Ah ok, thanks!! I’ll give those places a try. :)

Great Mom Stuff

Mommy stuff is taking over the blog for a minute but I just had to share these few tidbits.

First of all – this song, this video…

Have you ever seen anything so cute in your life?! I am definitely going to use this song for a Paige video!!

Also, please read this awesome article on relationships and raising kids – Read Me

article quote

Sometimes it is so hard to explain what it feels like to be a stay at home mom. To express how hard it is but how wonderful it is all in the same moment! This lady says it well (Glennon Melton who writes over at Momastery) . Plus I love the part about running to Target to wander the aisles as an escape! Me to a T  :)

And finally, this book.

mom book memoir sparkly green earrings review

Such a funny tale to read if you are a mom, especially if you are a mom who lives in San Antonio. I laughed out loud…a lot. The author, Melanie Shankle, lives in San Antonio and writes over at the blog Big Mama. And she has a new book, The Antelope in the Living Room, that just came out today! Can’t wait to read it. Find Sparkly Green Earrings here and The Antelope in the Living Room here.

February 14, 2014 - 6:41 pm

Chelsea Garcia - Sada – thank you so much for sharing these! We had our baby boy at the end of December and I can’t believe how amazing it is to have a little one that totally depends on you for their every need. I cry when I am so happy and I laugh when I am so exhausted and overwhelmed. That article was perfect and I’m definitely going to look for those books too, thanks so much for sharing!

More Favorite Baby Items // 1 Year Olds

best san antonio mom blogger favorite must have baby items for 6 months to 18 months

1. Nose Frida – This dear contraption saved our lives when Paige got sick and she was only 8 weeks old. Yes, it’s called the snot sucker. Thankfully she doesn’t get sick too often but we’ve used it for allergies and any time she seems stuffy. It seems gross but it’s really not and when your kid is sick, who cares?! They used to only sell it at Whole Foods but word on the street is that you can buy it at Babies R Us now!

2. Bath Seat – So they don’t technically have these for sale in stores anymore. I’m assuming a few bad incidents led them to be pulled, however, if you use it properly and never leave your child in the bathroom alone, this seat for the bathtub is so awesome! We’ve used it ever since she was able to sit up in it on her own and it makes bath time so much more enjoyable for everyone.

3.Lightweight Stroller – I love our BOB jogging stroller and use it all of the time when we go on walks. But we just recently purchased the First Years Jet stroller to use for traveling. It’s light weight, easy to fold, and isn’t crappy like some of the other umbrella strollers. We haven’t had it for long so we’ll see how it holds up, but so far so good. The handles were high enough so I wan’t hunching over and it is good for a child up to 50lbs so hopefully we’ll be able to use it for awhile.

4. Fruit & Veggie Twist – This happy squeeze snack makes for one happy mama! We buy these in bulk at Costco and they are so easy for an on the go snack. Paige squeezes them by herself so it is less mess and allows me to be hands free! Plus I don’t feel guilty since they are so healthy. I mean it has kale in it…isn’t that the cool new health trend?! I’m so hip.

5. Grey & White Jacket – Oh boy, you know I love a good grey and white stripe. I’m forcing Paige to love this trend as well. I am so scooping this up for her for next year!

6. Legging Jeans – BIG fan of the legging jeans. I mean really, if they had them in my size I would definitely wear them over regular (uncomfortable) jeans any day. Ok, not OVER, instead of  :)Jeggings are amazings. 

7. Rain Boots – I’m thinking we definitely need to get some rain boots for this spring so we can jump in puddles together! These are adorable!

8. Click Lock Straw Cup – Paige is way into straws these days and mom is totally down with that as long as there is no spillage. So far these cups have treated us well in that category. I can’t afford spills when I potentially have my million dollar camera in the bag with a zippy cup!

I always love reading other people’s favorite items so, as random as these may be, this is what we are digging lately.  Check out a few of my other baby favorites here and newborn sleep favorites here. I would love to hear what your baby faves are right now! This mama needs as much help as she can get!  :)

February 6, 2014 - 5:16 pm

emily - Love this! I bought over 1/2 of your newborn sleeping recommendations! Do you recommend a specific convertible carseat?

February 11, 2014 - 12:43 pm

Sada - Emily – my mom and I tried our best to research this and I finally bought the Britax Marathon 70 G3. I know Britax is a really good brand and we like it so far. :)

March 28, 2014 - 1:37 pm

katrina - How do you make your image collages? Thanks!


best san antonio blogger

It is so funny to watch the different phases Paige goes through. For awhile she would come up and rest her head on me like this! This happened to be the same day I had my camera out so I quickly snapped a couple of shots!

best san antonio texas mom blogger

I’ll take snuggles however I can get ’em girl!

And guess what?! We have a “snow day” in Texas today! Is there snow on the ground? Nope! But just like snuggles, I’ll take snow days however I can get ’em too! Have a great weekend!

PS – I added a couple of updates to the post about my photo packaging.