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Hi there! My name is Sada and this is my little space on the world wide web. I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years (eek!) and I’ve been a professional photographer for the last 4 years. My wonderful husband, Reagan, has allowed me to dream big and in 2012 I switched from being a CPA and a part time photographer to a full time photographer and full time MOM! Our little girl, Paige, was born at the end of 2012 and life has been amazing and crazy ever since! My photography business has grown and I’m much busier now than I ever was in public accounting! I struggle with the same issues that all of you struggle with as well – finding balance, how to raise a kid, what’s for dinner?? Somehow we manage to make it through and squeeze in some house projects and crafts along the way  :)I love photography and love documenting our life. This is the main reason I blog. I don’t make any money. Nope, not a dime. I just love the challenge of taking on projects and finding the beauty of the every day mundane through my lens. And you will clearly notice that I share a lot of pics of my little one these days! I love hearing from you and hearing advice you have to share as well. Us moms (and dads, photographers, crafters, DIYers), we’ve got to stick together!

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