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    Hola peeps! Welcome to Casa de Lewis. We are twenty somethings who got married in 2010, bought a house in 2011, and had a sweet baby girl in 2012! We both started our careers as CPAs and now Reagan works in finance and I have my own photography business. I blog about my baby girl (obviously), products we love, crafts, photography, DIY projects, sweet treats, random life tidbits, and the balance of being a mom and business owner! Our house is always a work in progress but we love working on it and making it our own. Thanks for stopping by!

My Little Pumpkin

Correction: My WILD Little Pumpkin!  :)

I had grand ideas of capturing Paige at our church pumpkin patch like I did last year at this time. You can see our photos from last year here – Pumpkin Patch 2013!

pumpkin patch photo tips for toddlers

Toddlers are hard to photograph, but man OH man, Paige Lily is HARD to photograph! I photograph kids multiple times a week and I honestly pride myself on being able to capture smiles from even the most difficult kiddos. But Paige Lily? Not only is she too fast and “very active for her age” as everyone likes to tell me (including the ladies at the pumpkin patch), but she also knows what the big black camera means. It either means I am going to ask her to do a million things while I have that big black thing in my face OR it means mom is leaving for a session, neither of which she likes! But with all that in mind, I was still able to capture some cute shots that I love. I don’t pull out my big camera too much to be quite honest (especially since I got the iPhone 6) but I just love capturing the memories so I have to try! Here are some of my favorite shots along with a few photo tips and some info on her cute shoes!!

Pumpking Patch Photos San Antonio Photo Tips for Toddlers

With this season of life, I am enjoying capturing her in her element. It is nice to have a picture of her smiling at me, of course, but I loooove all of the other  little things that I see through my lens. She had so much fun picking up all of the pumpkins that were just the perfect size for her!

Photo Tip: Distractions! I would tell her, “Paige go pick up a little pumpkin and show mom!!”

photo tips for toddlers pumpkin patch photos

 I did get one of her smiling at me!! Don’t mind that crazy messy hair!

Photo tip: I swear a small chair to a child is like a pot of gold. They love that it is just their size and will usually happily sit in it!

baby toddler moccasins

I also had another motive for this mini photo shoot – these shoes!! When April (of the boutique Autumn & April) asked me if I wanted to try out a pair of their moccasins I said heck yes!! These little beauties are perfect for fall, right? They are adorable and just look so comfy. I need a pair in my size…

mustard toddler moccasins

Photo tip: Take a shot from every angle – above, below, sideways. Sometimes magical shots happen from the angle that you least expect!

Pumpkin PAtch Photo Ideas

Photo tip: I do my best to go with the flow. You want to play in the dirt? Sure. Sit on a pumpkin? Why not!

photo tips for toddlers

Fall Mustard Toddler Moccasins

sunrise pumpkin patch photo tips

photo tips for capturing toddlers

Photo tip: I am only sharing a few of the best shots but I probably took 50-60 photos. I take a million pics to get a few great ones.  I’ve totally gotten over the fact that I may look like a crazy person to everyone else.

pumpkin patch photo tips

She loved these mini pumpkins that looked like stars.

I can’t believe she’s almost two!

Visit Autumn & April to pick up a pair of these cute shoes! PS – they also come in a really cute polka dot bag. It’s the little things that get me ya know:)

October 21, 2014 - 8:56 pm

Katie - Beautiful pictures and a darling little girl!

The light here is gorgeous! Do you mind sharing where this pumpkin patch is?

October 21, 2014 - 9:11 pm

Sada - Katie, it’s the pumpkin patch at Alamo Heights Methodist. I took these photos early in the morning and the sun is behind the church so it provides some great backlighting! :)

October 21, 2014 - 10:24 pm

Emily - Sada,these photos are stunning. LOVE all the pumpkins!!! SOO FALL-ish!!
your incredible.

October 22, 2014 - 8:52 pm

Sada - Thanks Emily! :)

October 24, 2014 - 7:45 pm

Kim - Love your pictures! I also had grand plans for my son at the pumpkin patch, but it just did not work out for me. He is almost 15 months so getting him to cooperate is so hard, and he also is a very very active little guy. Plus, the cold temps & freak mini-hail storm did not help ha! Maybe next year??

Fall Home Decor at Target

fall decorating ideas metallic gold copper geometric patterns natural wood tones

Natural & Faux Bone FrameGold Chevron Pillow | Pierced Patterned Hurricane Candle Holder | Woven Peak Throw Blanket |  Threshold Square Geometric Rug | Grey Chevron Pouf | Gold Task Lamp | Grey Dots Throw Blanket Copper Foil Pillow | Gold Foil Pillow

I was browsing (yeah, right! probably running!) through Target the other day and I stopped when I saw some of the new home decor items! I am always drawn to metallics. I think I might have to buy that gold chevron pillow for our master bedroom. I am loving the gold and copper, the geometric patterns (as always), and the natural wood tones. And since we are talking about fall decor, I really loved these new, subtle fall pumpkins that I saw at Target.

 Fall Decor Gold Pumpkin White Pumpkin Wood Pumpkin

 Gold Pumpkins | Woodgrain Pumpkins | White Pumpkins

I am not going to lie, I’m not a huge Halloween decorator. I think I will get more into it as Paige gets older, but right now I just have a few pumpkins that I  set out. I love that these are neutral options that you can store away and reuse every year!

Around Here…

Paige went to her first day of school and then we dropped off the face of the earth! Reagan went out of town and then we all went out of town and then Paige got sick. Anyways, life…ya know? Here’s a little bit of what’s been going on…

Swim Babies-0001

This picture cracks me up! Paige had SO much fun in North Carolina with her cousins! I am still going through all the pics we took! I took almost 1700  pictures in the month of August. Do you know how many I’ve taken in September? 70. Oops. This might explain my lack of blogging  :)

Grandma Lillie Turns 102

Last weekend we celebrated Reagan’s grandma turning 102! That woman is impressive, I tell ya!

Let’s talk about motherhood for a minute, shall we? These past two weeks I’ve been on a serious cleaning kick and organizing frenzy. I started by cleaning the laundry room. LAUNDRY IS A FULL TIME JOB. I feel like I’m playing this game where I am constantly trying to have ALL of the laundry done, clean, folded (is that a word? it looks really weird.), and put away. I mean everything. Not a sock unmatched, not a dirty piece of clothing in a basket. Someday I will win this game! Even if it is just for 3 minutes. I organized all of Paige’s old clothes, made labels with my schmancy fancy Silhouette machine, and got them in storage! Booyah. Point, Sada. And then I moved on to the guest room. The closet is still a mess but I’ve cleaned up all of the other random things we’ve been storing in there and even started coming up with a game plan to update the space and make it more kid friendly. This space will eventually be the office/guest room and I really want it to be another spot we can hang out in too. Here is just a sneak peek of some colors I started playing with…navy coral bedroom ideas

 To make it kid friendly I’m thinking chalkboard paint, a small desk with chairs, a spot to hang artwork, maybe a cozy reading nook. We shall see  :)

Reagan and I started watching Mixology on Netflix. It follows the characters in one single night at a bar over 13 episodes and, so far, it’s pretty comical (silly & crass, but I usually laugh out loud at some point). Each show is short and sweet but it’s nice if Reagan and I want to watch one quick episode before bed!

And finally, sale alert! I bought these cute sneakers from Old Navy for Paige in store for $4.99! I was actually on my way to buy her some TOMS and then I found these and another cute pair that aren’t online. Two pairs of shoes for 1/3 of the price of TOMS. Can’t beat it!

First Day of School

As I write this my baby is in her first day at Mother’s Day Out! AHHH!

first day of school picture tips

I’m not going to lie, the whole thing has been an inner struggle for me! I signed her up for one day. Then I had a darn near crisis as of two weeks ago when I made the decision to do two days, after many recommendations from people saying it would help her adjust better. I thought about only sending her in the morning and picking her up before nap time. But here I am, on the first day, and I’m just going to see what happens and go from there!

first day of school pictures and tips

back to school pictures

The drop off went WAY better than I thought it would.

first day of mother

first day of mother

And now I’m just praying that my little girl is ok and in good hands! You know, it’s easy to worry when you are a mom  :)

back to school pictures and photo tips

We took these pictures last night. Don’t even think that I got these this morning before school!! The only way we can get Paige to smile right now is if we ask her to laugh. But then I mostly just get this big old silly mouth open shot!! Ha! Silly girl!toddler transition to school

But at least she looks happy!! I’ll take it!

back to school photo tips

Lately she is really into purple. Not the color mom would choose, but hey, if it makes her happy I can totally roll with it! She loves her purple backpack and her purple nap mat! Speaking of, getting ready for school can really break the bank! Thank you Grandy for Paige’s nap mat! And a big shout out to Stuck On You! Remember when they gave me these amazing custom pieces for Paige? The labels are wonderful and you better believe she has her lunchbox in tow today!

 polka dot bow target

I, of course, had too much fun picking out her outfit for the first day! These little polka dot bows were actually on sale at my Target store.

gold toddler girl sandals old navy

And these gold sandals! I actually decided not to send her in these. She is going to be in a wedding in a couple of weeks and we’re gonna try not to get them too dirty before then!

back to school pictures abc book

I didn’t know how these pictures were going to go so I brought along her favorite book right now. She is obsessed with this ABC book! And I love it because we practice her letters every time we read it! She can go through the whole book (if she doesn’t get distracted) and say each letter. And then I beam like the proudest mom in the world!

favorite abc lift the flap book for toddlers

Say a little prayer for P and for mom that we make it through the day ok!

first day of schoolfirst day of school

September 2, 2014 - 12:47 pm

Kelly - What cute pictures! We do not have MDO where I live and wish it was an option. My son is turning three soon and would really love that time around other kids. Hope your daughter has a great day.

I am interested in getting that book for my son but did not see a link. I tried googling it but was having a hard time with no author name. Thanks for any information!

September 2, 2014 - 1:16 pm

Sada - Kelly – I forgot to link to it this morning because I ran out of time! But when I just went to google it, it actually isn’t showing up most places. Here is a link I finally found – The author is Annie Simpson. I bought this at a huge book warehouse for 50% off so maybe they were discontinuing it or something? They also have a very similar one with slide and find instead of lift the flaps. Sorry! Hope that helps!

September 2, 2014 - 1:30 pm

Molly Fabiano - Beautiful shots – what a little love she is. Enjoy your time off, momma!

September 2, 2014 - 4:08 pm

Sarah - You guys are too cute.

September 2, 2014 - 7:07 pm

Bethe @ Texas Lovely - That wide open laughing smile of hers is the cutest thing ever! Praying today was a good day for her (and you). My little one has been in MDO one day a week since she was three months old (I’m blessed with a job where I only have to go in the office 2.5 days a week, and one of those she goes to MDO), and it was so hard for me to drop her off that first time. Now she loves it and has lots of little friends in her class.

September 2, 2014 - 11:55 pm

Amy Pearl - Oh Sada!! I just love how you captured these moments with your little. As we all send our kiddos off to school (each year) a piece of our heat goes with them. Since birth we have been their only teacher. Now we let someone else help in that spot. So challenging and rewarding all wrapped in one. shedding tears of happiness and sadness for you! Love you sweet friend
-Amy Pearl

Cupcakes & Confetti

No celebration is complete without cupcakes! At least, in my opinion!

hashtag cupcake toppers metallic party decor bird bakery cupcake san antonio

 I think, first, I will show you all the pretty pictures and how I made these. But be sure to scroll to the end for some comedic relief about my week with cupcakes!

Cupcake toppers are super cute and super easy. Whether you plan on making the cupcakes or not, cupcake toppers are a great way to step up your cupcake game.

Metallic Party Decorations Number Cupcake Topper Silhoutte Project

These metallic number toppers are great for birthdays or anniversaries! I used gold metallic paper and I finally took advantage of my Silhouette Portrait
that I won last year!! I don’t know what took me so long to use it. That machine is a gem. I’ll be sharing more projects with it soon! You can also use an exacto knife and cut the numbers out yourself OR  (even easier) use chipboard numbers to create this same look.

Metallic Party Decorations Number Cupcake Toppers

This next one might be my favorite! #favorite #five

Hashtag Cupcake Topper Metallic Party Decorations

Hashtags weren’t even around when I created this blog! Now they are everywhere, even on top of cupcakes! For those of you with Silhouette machines, I used the font Pilgi (I believe), reduced the space in between each character, and then used the “weld” option to link the letters together so it would print as one shape. Probably old news to seasoned Silhouette users but I was feeling pretty great for figuring that out!  :)

Hashtag cupcake topper metallic gold party decor

Looks perfect on top of these Bird Bakery cupcakes!!

metallic gold cupcake topper gold letters

And finally, I created this fun “YAY!” topper. For all of these, I just glued the cut out letters/numbers to toothpicks with a hot glue gun. Easy peasy.

5 Year Blogiversary -0016

Photo tip: I got a little crazy with this gold paper. I really wanted to show off the metallic gold so I actually held a flash light in one hand and flashed the light onto the paper so that it would light up and sparkle while I held my camera in the other hand and snapped a picture. These are the times when I wish someone was photographing ME as well to see how ridiculous I look!

metallic party decoration ideas gold confetti silhouette project

I originally printed these designs a little too small for the cupcakes, but it turned into awesome confetti! This would be another fun party decor idea for the Silhouette machine.

San Antonio Cupcakes Bird Bakery

I mentioned earlier that these delicious cupcakes are from Bird Bakery in San Antonio. Bird Bakery is the cutest little spot here that I have been dying to go to. I actually made cupcakes last week for a San Antonio Bloggers Baby Shower! I did my best to make them pretty. I borrowed my sister’s piping tools, iced the cupcakes and put little flags in each one! I was feeling very proud of my creation. I hopped in the car to go to the shower and, I kid you not, as soon as I set those cupcakes in the heat the icing melted off and dripped down the sides of the cupcakes! Disaster. I felt terrible and I’m sure all of the San Antonio food bloggers were looking at me like, “Seriously?”.  Oops. I was hoping I could use a couple of those cupcakes for this post…obviously not! So I swung by Bird Bakery the next day and decided I was going to use their pretty cupcakes! I could see their cute place and get a cupcake (two birds with one stone! pun intended!). I came home and for some reason I was trying to take these pictures during the most chaotic time of day in our house – dinner/bath/bedtime. By the time I got everything together it was almost too dark to take the pictures inside. No big deal, I’ll just take some outside. I set everything up outside and ran back in to grab something. When I came back out my beautiful cupcake was upside down in the grass. Disaster #2. Usually at this point I would scrap it and just move on but I already had the cute cupcake toppers and was determined to take pictures of them. I went to Bird Bakery AGAIN the next day and got two more cupcakes. Thankfully I was able to snap these pictures during nap time. Disasters averted! Cupcakes consumed! Post well done! Sort of.  :)

*links are affiliate

August 27, 2014 - 2:24 pm

Christina Coker - These are fabulous Sada, I love them!

September 19, 2014 - 10:13 am

Sarah F. - I love Bird Bakery! They have amazing cupcakes and yummy lunch options! <3